Growing up in the suburbs of Hartford, Connecticut, I had a fascination for how things worked. Much to my father’s chagrin I would dismantle things, figure out what made them tick then reassemble them. My parents saw that I had a knack for building things. My father wanted nothing more than the lawn mower to be in one piece and all his tools back where they belonged. My mother wanted me to use my skills in a more constructive fashion. I wanted to use my powers to combat the forces of evil. What can I say? I was only a kid.

My first exposure to the entertainment industry was at the ripe old age of eight. My mother asked me to be in a children’s Christmas play. There was no way that I wanted to be on stage. Instead, she asked me to build a prop: a cigar box covered with crepe paper that was supposed to look like it was made by an eight year old. Obviously, it was perfect! I was allowed to watch the rehearsals and learn what made the play tick. I quickly discovered that it was more fun to watch shows from backstage than from the audience.

Fast forward several years and I am a working professional in film and television.